Advance your Skills as a Yoga Teacher and Mobility Minded Expert

with Applied Yoga Integration


Alignment, or Joint Centration, occurs when there is an equal balance of mobilizers and stabilizers around a joint. This puts the joint in its optimal position and allows all the surrounding structures to function properly.


Yoga is so much more than simply increasing flexibility. The postures challenge us to develop strength and increase our endurance. This enables our tissues to withstand more force and decreases our risk of injury.


Mobility refers to the ability to consciously and intentionally move a muscle or limb through space. When we mobilize an area that was previously stuck, we generate greater tissue health and ease of movement.

Applied Yoga Integration™

Applied Yoga Integration is a continuing education movement system for Yoga Teachers, Trainers and Manual Therapists. AYI creates functional joints and healthy muscles. Created by Jory Serota, who has over 20 years experience with yoga and bodywork, AYI is a powerful adjunct to anyone’s clinical practice. Applied Yoga Integration uses yoga postures, yoga-like movements, and breathwork training to assess and treat musculoskeletal dysfunction. Through the use of active and passive stretching, AYI creates strength where strength is needed and mobility when something is stuck.

“It Is Through The Alignment Of My Body That I Discovered The Alignment of My Mind, Self, and Intelligence.”

-BKS Iyengar