About AYI

Applied Yoga Integration™ (AYI) is a mobility system that uses yoga poses and remedial exercises for assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Yoga postures, when done correctly, are assessment tools for range of motion and strength. They are able to detect when joints are not centrated and when muscles are restricting movement.

Currently, many methods of teaching yoga do not focus on proper alignment. This causes yoga injuries, and people misunderstand the depth of the practice. Yoga is meant to increase physical and emotional strength. It is a practice aimed to develop knowledge and insight of self. The connection between the body and mind is profound, and with attention, yoga can provide great insight.

Applied Yoga Integration seminars focus on the entire person. People are complex beings with muscles, joints, nerves, and emotions. When working therapeutically, it is important to take all this into consideration. Being able to address not only the physical structures but also the awareness one has of his or her own body is an empowering part of the rehabilitation process and a vital aspect of healing.

Topics for the course include:

  • Hip Centration and Glute Strength
  • SI Joint Dysfunction
  • Posterior Chain Strengthening
  • Arthrokinematics of the Knee
  • Creating Thoracic Extension
  • Shoulder Discomfort and Injury
  • Yogic Breathing and Proper Diaphragm Mechanics
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